Banner Stand Walls

Posted: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Banner stand walls and multi-banner convention displays are a convenient and efficient solution for your next portable trade show display.  Made to fit in either  an 8ft or 10ft trade show space, these three retractable banner stands standing side by side create a colorful and versatile trade show display.  Those same retractable banner stands can be used as stand alone units when not being part of your banner stand wall.

All of our banner stand walls and banner walls include options like voltage 50 watt lights that easily attach to the top of each banner stand.  Some of our solutions include a ship case that converts into a counter and a premium model that includes a reception counter with a laminated top and internal shelves can also be ordered.

At under 12 lbs each, the banners in our banner stand wall solutions are easy to transport to local marketing events or trade shows and economical to ship to your next national event.

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