Tension Fabric Displays

8ft and 10ft tension fabric displays present a new and exciting design element to your trade show booth space.  Made of lightweight anodized aluminum frames, these trade show displays are an affordable solution.

Transporting these 10ft displays is economical as all of our solutions come in a canvas carry bag, making it easy to carry to those local marketing events and trade shows.

The graphics on all of the 10ft tension fabric displays are printed in full color on a stretch fabric material that slides over the aluminum frame and zips closed for a tight, virtually wrinkle free finish.  If those graphics ever get dirty, they can be cleaned or even machine washed.

Molded ship cases and LED lights are also available or you can always choose from one of our bundled kits that includes those items and even a premium case to reception counter option.

If you’re looking for modular designs that can be used in numerous environments or settings, check out our Segments line of displays.

Click HERE to watch our set up video and see how easily these unique displays are to install.

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results