Trade Show Counters

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results

Portable trade show counters are one of the most efficient and practical improvements you can make to your trade show booth. They’re portable, practical, and offer an amazing place to display your materials. They can lend your booth a greater sense of authority and legitimacy. If you’re new to trade shows and exhibitions, they can even offer you a place to stand or lean so you’re not just awkwardly standing with your hands in your pockets.

While folding tables can be cumbersome and hard to transport, portable trade show counters are convenient, cost-effective, and in many cases customizable. Set up takes only a few minutes, allowing you to worry about the important stuff. Enough stress comes with trade shows–the last thing you need is the pain and anxiety of mounting an overcomplicated display.

Many of our counters can be outfitted with custom graphics that you can upload on the site yourself. Any additional chance to display your brand is valuable, so take advantage!

Pick the counter that suits your needs best. We’ve got lightweight pop up counters, trade show counters with internal storage, and ship case conversion counters. All of our counters come with either a ship case or canvas bag so you can transport them with ease. Regardless of which you pick, you’ll get a sturdy, durable, and attractive addition to your trade show display.