Get the Best Value from Your Trade Show Display

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What Are the Essentials?

When your business is still growing, you’ve got a ton of other concerns apart from what trade show display you should buy. But all of a sudden trade show season rolls around, you need to buy a booth, and like it or not, you’re confronted with a choice—“which trade show display should I buy?” You want to get the best value you possibly can, but you have no idea where to start.

You wind up ping-ponging back and forth across the countless trade show display sites, looking for something that stands out, and they all just wind up looking the same.   The process seems complicated, but it’s not. If you treat your trade show display as an investment, as a tool to help your business grow, then some decisions are pretty direct and simple.

  • Purchase a modular display.
  • Go with a 10’ x 20’ display.
  • Go with tension fabric.

Purchase a modular display. Modular displays are versatile—they come in individual, “modular” pieces, which give you flexibility with the design of your booth space.  Stand them side by side, diagonal to each other, whatever—modular displays make it possible to get creative.

Purchase a 10’ x 20’ display. You don’t know what the future holds, but purchasing a 10’ x 20’ display isn’t just optimistic, it’s practical. You might only have a 10’ x 10’ trade show booth this year, but next year you might bump up to a 10’ x 20’ booth. Spare yourself the chore of hopping online to begin the search all over again.

Go with tension fabric. Again, you’re trying to think long-term, and between PVC and tension fabric, tension fabric is the clear winner. Accidents happen and you want material that is durable, easy to clean, & easy to break down and store. Spill coffee on the graphic? No big deal, throw it in the washer.   Don’t have another trade show for six months and limited closet space? Tension fabric rolls up much easier than PVC, takes up less space, and is far, far more durable.

Our Best Solution

Our 10’ x 20’ Modulate tension fabric kits are perfect for new businesses. They tick off all of the qualities listed above and then some. They’re modular, lightweight, and easy to move around, which gives you the chance to play with the look of your booth. Plus, their interlocking feet give your display added stability, so you don’t have to worry about any of them toppling over. They work with 10’ x 10’ displays as well as 10’ x 20’ displays (and even larger displays, if necessary—you can just purchase another modular piece!), so you’re set for not just for your current trade show, but many to come. Finally, they’re tension fabric, which means you can wash them any time and treat them a little more roughly..

Check them out:

modulate 20ft tension fabric kit 01
Modulate 20ft Tension Fabric Kit 01
modulate 20ft tension fabric kit 02
Modulate 20ft Tension Fabric Kit 02
modulate 20ft tension fabric kit 03
Modulate 20ft Tension Fabric Kit 03
modulate 20ft tension fabric kit 04
Modulate 20ft Tension Fabric Kit 04
modulate 20ft tension fabric kit 05
Modulate 20ft Tension Fabric Kit 05